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Augers of Lewiston-Auburn Part 3

This is the third of a series on The Augers of Lewiston-Auburn where I explore the descendants of Mathias and Marine (Desmarais) Auger who were among the earlier immigrants to the area from Quebec in the mid 1800’s.  The first and second parts can be found here: 

Today I’ll discuss the third and youngest of their three sons, who is also my great grandfather; Louis Theophile Auger.  

Louis Theophile Auger
 Louis Theophile Auger was the youngest of the three boys in the family being born on September 21, 1848. While Jean Pierre and Alphonse worked in the grocery business, bought and sold real estate and became wealthy men in Lewiston, Louis was drawn, like his father before him and generations before, to the life of a farmer and also eventually worked as a milkman. With the rest of the family, he moved from Biddeford to Lewiston in 1865. Soon after he married Virginie Laflamme on June 28, 1869 at St.  Joseph’s Church in Lewiston.  Virginie, similar to Louis, had arrived in Lewiston during the same year. Family oral history has it that as she arrived in the U.S. the train conductor announced that President Lincoln had been assassinated.
Virginie Laflamme Auger
Just 3 months after their marriage in 1869, their first child, a daughter named Artheline (Lena), was born. A son Louis Mathias followed in 1872. By 1873 Louis, Virginie and their young family moved to East Poland, Maine. Located on what is now known as the Torrey Road, the farm, over the years became a large, well-established farm as Louis & Virginie continued to add acreage.

Louis became a US Citizen in March of 1876, however later in the year his mother Marine passed away at the age of 60. Louis’ family continued to grow with Emma arriving in 1877, Anne in 1879, Theodora in 1880 and Marie Blanche in 1883. Tragedy struck the young family in 1884 as Marie Blanche, Anne and Emma all died of diphtheria within days of each other. The family began to grow again with son Alfred being born in 1885, Oscar in 1888 and lastly Leon in 1890.

Louis died at the young age of 57 of stomach cancer in 1906. While all of Louis’ other relatives are interred at Saint Peter’s Cemetery there is no record of him being buried there.

L to R: Back Row:  Alfred Provancher (infant), Dora Provancher, Lena Martin, Virginie Laflamme Auger, Leon Auger. L to R: Front Row:  George Provancher, Oscar Auger, Alfred Auger. .

 Below is information about each of Louis and Virginie's children:

Artheline (aka Lena):  Born Sept 27, 1869 Poland, Maine – Died March 7, 1953 Auburn, Maine.  Lena married Robert Martin and they had one child: Robert A. Martin Jr.  They are buried in St. Peter’s Cemetery, Lewiston, Maine.
Louis Mathias:  Born May 8, 1872 Poland, Maine – Died March 15, 1931 Woonsocket, Rhode Island). Louis was married to Mathilda Boissel and they lived in Woonsocket.  They had no children.  They are both buried in Precious Blood Cemetery in Woonsocket.  Unfortunately their grave is now unmarked.

Louis Mathias Auger

Emma:  Born June 26, 1877 Poland, Maine - Died April 25, 1884.  She is buried in an unmarked grave in St. Peter’s Cemetery, Lewiston, Maine.

Anne: Born Sept 20, 1879 Poland, Maine - Died April 14, 1884. She is buried in an unmarked grave in St. Peter’s Cemetery, Lewiston, Maine.

Theodora (aka Dora):  Born December 6, 1880 Poland, Maine – Died May 24, 1963, Lewiston, Maine.  Dora was married to George Provancher.   They are buried in St. Peter’s Cemetery, Lewiston, Maine. They had four children; Alfred, Arthur, Ellen and Theodora.  

L to R:  Dora Provancher and Lena Martin

Blanche: Born August 10, 1883 Poland, Maine - Died April 19, 1884. She is buried in an unmarked grave in St. Peter’s Cemetery, Lewiston, Maine.

Alfred Dominique:  Born April 9, 1885 Poland, Maine – Died May 25, 1942 Boston, Massachusetts.  Alfred was married to Sarah Smith Hill.  They had no children.   Alfred worked as a musician and lived in Boston and Philadelphia.   He is buried at Westminster Cemetery in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania. 

Alfred Auger
Oscar:  Born June 15, 1888, Poland, Maine - Died February 14, 1963, Lewiston, Maine.  Oscar was married to Evelina Ouellette and they had one son, Thomas.  They are buried in St. Peter’s Cemetery, Lewiston, Maine.

Oscar Auger

Leon Henri: Born June 17, 1890, Poland, Maine - Died October 29, 1971, Lewiston, Maine.  Leon was married to Diane Gagne and they had six children:  Gerald, Florence, Leon Marcel, Louis, Alfred and Oscar. Leon and Diane are buried in St. Peter’s Cemetery, Lewiston, Maine.

L to R Back Row:  Florence, Leon M., Fred, Gerald.  L to R Front Row: Diane, Leon H., Oscar and Louis.

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