Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Auger Family of East Poland

This is one of my all-time favorite family photos. Taken on the Empire Road in East Poland, Maine in 1930’s, during the Great Depression this is of my Dad and four of his five siblings just before the family moved to Lewiston, Maine.

Left to Right: My Dad Louis Auger, Alfred “Fred” Auger, Florence Auger, Leon M. Auger and the baby of the family Oscar E. Auger. Taken by Alfred Provancher (cousin to the Augers and the family historian of their generation)

One of the things that brings me such joy every time I look at this is my Dad’s smile. The family was obviously suffering through the tough economic times, but you never would have known that to look at my Dad’s face. Throughout his long life, Dad kept that smile and spoke so highly of his formative childhood days in East Poland. Years later as a ritual I would take him for a drive along the roads of his old neighborhood and he was instantly transported back to his youth. He’d recite the names of neighbors: Gale and Glen Torrey, Forest “Fort” Strout, Lester Bunker to name a few, which was always followed by a wonderful story and of course that marvelous laugh of his.


  1. The Empire Road in East that house still there? Glenn Torrey is certainly a familiar name from my early days on the old Harris Hill Road, and to all in Poland! I think you inherited your Dad's smile.

    1. It is still standing. If you're heading down Empire Road from the intersection of Torrey & Empire it is on the right, just after Worthley Brook. Thanks for the kind words!