Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Genealogical Goals for 2012

Being a task-oriented sort of guy, I figured I’d start out my blog by listing some genealogical goals that I have for this year (and beyond).     
1.       Write, write, write…
As I mentioned in my first post, I’ve wanted to write my family stories for a number of years, but always have gravitated towards doing more research because honestly it is much more fun for me, hence easier as well.  Well, the time for procrastinating is over!  I’ve started this blog which should hopefully help with the writing thingy…
2.       Get involved.
As Lucy Van Pelt of Peanuts fame once said to Charlie Brown: “you need involvement!”   I find myself often operating in a vacuum of sorts with genealogy, so I’m hoping get more involved with the greater genealogy community in 2012.    Towards this end I have reached out to the Maine Franco-American Genealogical Society to volunteer for them and have taken on an exciting, yet Herculean task of transcribing old Oak Hill Cemetery Records for the City of Auburn. 
3.       Continue to work on my research. 
I have a number of brick walls that I hope to chip away at in 2012 and will use this blog as a forum to talk about these road blocks and hopefully progress made.  More on this later…
4.        Organize. 
As the self-appointed family historian and overall genealogical geek I have accumulated all sorts of family history related materials from my Dad, Mom, brother and grandmother.  So, as I type I have 10 big grey tubs full of materials which I need to sort through.  My hope is to scan and record what is important to me and then distribute the rest when applicable.   


  1. I just got a NeatReceipts scanner and it's making short work of scanning documents that have been sitting next to the All-In-One printer for something like three years..... :-)

    1. Good to know Claire - will have to look into it. I have tubs of stuff that I want to scan and distribute...