Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Edward Augustus Hanson

While no known pictures exist of Sarah J. Randall, I have located three photos (thanks to my cousin Susan!) of her 2nd husband Edward Augustus Hanson (often called "Gus").

As I'm still having a issue locating photos exactly where I want them in my post (a rookie mistake I'm sure), here's a list of captions for the photos in order of their appearance below:

1) Edward A. Hanson. Unsure of the timeframe of this photo.
2) Edward A. Hanson. Obviously Edward is much older in this photo, but I'm unsure of the exact timeframe.
3) Left to right: Laura Estelle Kinnear Hanson, 2nd wife of Herbert Walter Hanson (known by middle name of Walter); Walter Hanson; Carol Jean Hanson (seated on Walter's lap) daughter of Walter & Laura; Edward A. Hanson father of Walter; unknown person. Carol was born in 1932 so this was likely taken in the mid to late 1930's. Edward died in 1938.

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